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                                                                PROMOTIONS TO

                                                                CONVEY YOUR


                                                                Small changes can make a huge difference.
                                                                Dedicated to sustainability we strongly
                                                                focus on a continuous path to replace and
                                                                introduce green variants to the essential
                                                                product portfolio on offer, whilst reducing
                                                                unnecessary stress on both people and the
                                                                planet. We have dramatically increased the
                                                                use of recycled and renewable materials to
                                                                avoid unnecessary waste. With the aim to
                                                                encourage customers and colleagues you
                                                                work with to build a long-term, sustainable
                                                                relationship with your brand and  the
                                                                products they receive from you. We hope
                                                                to inspire you with this collection full of
                                                                both environmentally as well as budget-
                                                                friendly products. Items that offer you and
                                                                your customers on trend items in all major
                                                                product categories along with a complete
                                                                decoration and print service, hands-on
                                                                ideas and tips for the new and exciting
                                                                products displayed.

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             The pictures of the items reproduced in our catalogue are not contractual. We reserve the right to change
             without notice the product and packaging specifications or colours of any item mentioned in this catalogue.
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