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                                                                      LARGEST INVENTORY
              LARGEST DEMOGRAPHIC                                     With   over  130  items  to  choose  from, Zebra has
              No need to  worry  about  sizing!  Towels, Blankets & Bed   something to  fit  all  of  your promotional needs.
              sets  fit  to all sizes and this makes  them  a  perfect
              gift  for   any  group  and  any industry.               • Our    mission   is   to  become   your   business   partner   and
                                                                      provide you  with  “one  size fits all” solutions to  best  fit  your
              LONGEST DURABILITY                                      promotional needs.
                                                                       • Our Service team  will track  your order from  beginning
              Towels,  Blankets  &  Bed sets  are  washed  and  reused   to  end  so  that  you  are  sure to get theabsolute best  finished
              time after time  again;  outlasting the durability of  most    product.
              other  promotional products.                                                We are  the   only  one  company  in  the  world,   which
                                                                    produces  terry  items  in  all  existing  technologies.  We  are  proud
              LARGEST IMPRINT AREA                                  with  our   unique   production   lines  for  a digitally printed  towels,
              Towels,  Blankets &  Bed sets o er one  of the  largest    blankets   and   bed  sheets. Our  family  organisation with 45 years
              imprint  areas in the promotional  product  industry,  up    tradition  in  textile  production  with   more  then  400  employees,
              to 100  by 180 cm!                                    will  service  you  with pofessional opinion and respect.

                 Need it in a hurry?
                 Look for the Ship 1 Week Service pricing in RED  on
                 most items in our catalog! Our Ship 1 Week Service
                 allows  for one  of  the  fastest  turn  around  times in the
                 industry!  P.O. MUST specify  Ship 1 Week  Service.

               responsibility  to  keep  this  image  as  a  main  company  mission:  to
               develop  and  produce  unique  high-tech  items,  which  will  make  our
               life  easier  and  better!

                                                                                      Look  for  our  Best Seller Icon
                                                                                      throughout the catalog for other
                                                                                      items  available  Coast  to  Coast!

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