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          This collection of daily enjoyable functional items
          is carefully assessed to increase brand-awareness
          whilst assuring  a respectful use of materials and a
          longer-lasting product. Ensuring that our actions
          incorporate these beliefs means rethinking every
          step of the product development process and our
          entire operation. Integrating sustainability in the
          material selection, production, personalisation and
          packaging methods are examined and potential
          improvements are continuously implemented. We
          are committed to conduct business in a responsible
          and trustworthy manner.

          More sustainable materials. Whenever possible, and   Reduce waste. In the way we interact with our
          whilst focussing upon functionality and quality, the   environment, unnecessary waste is no longer an option.
          More Than Gifts collection is, where relevant,  gradually   Replacing disposable products made of non-renewable
          upgraded or substituted with newer and more sustainable   resources by reusable products or biodegradable materials
          materials.  This means selecting high quality materials   is an important step forward. Also rethinking the way we
          that are recycled or lend themselves to recycling,   pack and distribute goods  give opportunities to reduce
          materials derived from renewable sources and ethically   waste.  As of 2018 we started to streamline box sizes and
          sourced. The centrepiece of this is supporting our   packaging methods in order to reduce the amount of
          suppliers in  implementing  innovative  processes to   polybags and cardboard used.  Ongoing individual item
          produce more sustainable materials.                 packaging is being evaluated and streamlined to offer a
                                                              smarter solution.

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