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Social compliance

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              party, independent audits within a reliable framework. Our goal is to work only with socially audited suppliers, increasing this number
              every year to at least 75% per 2025.

              Our CSR plan

              The UN Sustainable Development Goals are the framework for our CSR plan. We have selected several subjects throughout the
              company that contribute to these SDG’s and have created projects and actions to include all parts of the company. This way we can
              share our efforts and include everyone to realize our goals. Together we are creating a Positive Impact!

              Our Actions:

                                                                                 Trees for All
       helping communities   Just Diggit, digging holes to   Trees for all, plant trees to
                with access to fresh water.  stop erosion and revive land   reclaim land and compensate
                                             and communities.            CO2.
                We donate 2% of Impact
                Collection proceeds to       We donate an amount of      We plant trees in our
                         ‹ "   aVc I5 5VdZX_ 3`SSj   ‘Company Forest’ to
                                             bag sold  to JustDiggit.    compensate CO2 on Sample
                                                                         deliveries to customers.


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