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               Product compliance

               We strongly believe

               that offering safe

               and compliant

               products is the

               foundation of our


               Keeping your products safe starts with choosing the best   A`A CVXf]ReZ`_  6F  ?` #!"* "!#"  eYV A@Ad CVXf]ReZ`_ SR_d
               and most responsible supplier that produces items in line   or restricts the use of persistent organic pollutants in both
               with strict EU safety regulations, health and environmental   chemical Products and articles.
               requirements throughout the total supply chain. We comply
               with the following specific EU safety, health and environmental   All our drink and foodware: bottles, mugs and lunch boxes
               requirements that apply to our products:      are food safe according national laws and EU regulation.
                                                             Europe has a harmonized legal framework (Regulation (EC)
               All electronics items meet the restrictions of Hazardous   "*$& #!!%  W`c eYV dRWVej `W W``U T`_eRTe ^ReVcZR]d
               Substances (RoHS) directive, the guidelines for
               Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Radio Equipment   Toys are tested to ensure the mechanical and physical features
               Directive (RED), Low Voltage Directive (LVD) and EU   RcV dRWV  6? (" "   eYVj RcV WZcV dRWV  6? (" #  R_U YRgV R dRWV
               Ecodesign Directive (ERP).                    TYV^ZTR] T`^a`dZeZ`_  6? (" $

               EU Regulation on Chemicals: All our products are REACH   Other regulations that we comply with: General product safety
               compliant: free from Substances of Very High Concern.   #!!" *& 64  3ReeVcj UZcVTeZgV #!!' ''   68  4=A CVXf]ReZ`_
               CVXf]ReZ`_  64  ?` "*!( #!!'   CVXZdecReZ`_  6gR]fReZ`_     68  _c  "#(# #!!)  >VUZTR] dVcgZTV  #!"( (%& 6F R_U
               Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH).   >VRdfcZ_X Z_decf^V_e #!"% $# 6F
               The purpose of this Regulation is to ensure a high level of
               protection of human health and the environment.  HV RcV T`^a]ZR_e hZeY eYV 3D (#(# #+#!!) 2"+#!"%  W`c afdY
                                                             button pens.

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